i become lost in the folds of worldly vagabond travels now and then but I still find time to pursue my passions. in march of 2012 i completed my ukulele infused debut album titled, “saving earthworms from sun scorched death” under my musical pseudonym, mustache fable.

i have travelled the world as a rock climber and english teacher and discovered isolated corners of turkey, spain, thailand, mexico and korea. for now, i am off to the wonders of haiti to become certified in permaculture design before heading back to my home in canada.

no matter how busy i get with projects, performances, ukulele playing, rock climbing and teaching, i still have to eat. my boundless energy and creative drive are directly related to the food i eat, the food i nourish my body with.

i relish in complex flavors and local foods and over the years i have discovered endless combinations and hidden secrets in food and nutrition. once back in canada, I will take a break from teaching english to begin a raw food chef certification course.

being vegan in a non-vegan world definitely requires imagination and education. seeds, nuts and raw foods are powerhouses of energy and are loaded with vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and protein. of course I cannot be 100% sure that the food i order in restaurants is vegan, and in these cases i try my best.  however in my kitchen, by using whole foods like those in this book, i know that what i am putting in my body is of superior quality.

food gives me a way to express myself and i love sharing my creative expression with friends and neighbors as much as i hope to share with you. so, let’s eat!




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