i’m a teacher and home cook hoping to re-introduce others to the simple pleasures in food. you don’t have to bemartha stewart to feel confident in the kitchen! cook simply, cook together, share with those you love and you will have succeeded.

my husband and i left the US to live and teach in korea almost four years ago. i was heartbroken to find that korea’s cities are quickly following in america’s unsustainable footsteps. food traditions are being lost, fast food is a daily indulgence and families no longer have time to sit around the table together. so we moved to the countryside and fell in love with a slower, simpler way of life. we tended a vegetable garden with our neighbors, healed ourselves with traditional medicine, and learned to cook local dishes from the elders.

i was raised on a diet of mac n’ cheese and fried fish sticks but, through much trial and error – as well as the discovery of a gluten intolerance – i eventually learned to treat myself and my body better. i owe much gratitude to my colombian mother-in-law for teaching me how to cook real food. i now eat a gluten-free and mostly vegetarian diet full of whole foods, and i try to choose seasonal and local whenever i can.

in my new home in seoul, i have been fortunate to connect with some of the most  inspiring women and thank the universe for bringing us together in its magical ways. together, we are currently working on a community SPACE in effort to nurture an enlightened, vibrant community by bringing people together around food, art, and wellness.

over the last few years, my life has changed in so many ways. but even in a studio apartment the size of a shoebox, my favorite place to be is in the kitchen cooking a meal to share with those i love.

sending love from my kitchen to yours…



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